Churros. . . $4.99

A Family Favorite! A specially-prepared Mexican Pastry deep-fried to a crisp, then rolled in Cinnamon & Sugar. Topped with Whipped Cream.

Sopapillas. . . $4.99

Deep-fried Flour Tortilla Crisps topped with Honey & Cinnamon Sugar.

Deep Fried Ice Cream. . . $4.99

A generous serving of Ice Cream fried to perfection, then drizzled with your choice of Strawberry or Chocolate Syrup.

Flan. . . $4.59

A light Mexican Custard with just a hint of Caramel. Garnished with Whipped Cream.

Buñuelos. . . $4.59

Deep-fried Flour Tortilla triangles topped with Honey, Cinnamon Sugar, & Whipped Cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream. . . $2.99

A generous scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with your choice of Chocolate or Strawberry Syrup.

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